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Bad Press: The Bane of Reputations Everywhere

The old adage “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” may still ring true in some circles, but for most of us, bad press rarely comes with a silver lining. And when your name is affiliated with a negative headline, event or controversy prominently featured within an online news item, your reputation and your livelihood could be facing a mountain of trouble.

Unfortunately, bad news doesn’t just stop at the publication’s website. The opportunities for people to share, re-post and blog about negative news items are abundant on the Web, something that can effectively spread that information to all corners of the Internet in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

In other words, bad news travels fast online, and can impact your reputation from a variety of angles. So, how do you not only remove negative news articles from the Web, but also any tangential posts (blogs, social media posts, etc.) that keep discussion of that information alive? How do you remove content from Google search results that furthers the spread of bad news?

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The Challenge of News Article Removal

News publications present a unique and often monumental challenge when it comes to online information removal. Not only do most news organizations tend to be incredibly protective of their writers, their content and their sources, but they also rarely hesitate to invoke the First Amendment whenever legal action or otherwise threatens the integrity or existence of something they’ve published.

Couple how protective most publications are with the authoritative position many receive in online search results, and you have a real problem on your hands. Those challenges, along with the spread of bad news through other various online channels, makes news content removal and suppression seem nearly impossible, particularly if you go it alone.

Taking steps to remove negative news articles many times requires the exhaustive navigation of numerous legal and editorial loopholes; a process that can cause you a significant amount of time, money and patience. Even working to remove the news link from Google search results can end up becoming an exercise in futility.

Fortunately, we’ve designed bad news removal and suppression processes that help you restore your name and your brand online quickly and effectively.

How to Remove Negative News Articles

Negative news removal can be a complex, convoluted and frustrating process. With extensive resources, experience and expertise at our disposal, we are able to remove the headache from the negative news removal process, and to help you repair the damage of bad news while returning you control over your online reputation.

First, we look into each unique case to determine if removal is possible. If so, we take every step necessary to initiate removal of the offending news item. In cases where removal isn’t possible, we then design a customized campaign to focus on suppression; a process involving the creation and curation of positive items aimed at helping you safely remove the news content from appearing in Google search results.

Regardless of the nature and location of your negative news article, we go to work fast, creating and implementing a strategy that begins the removal and suppression process. Our goal is to build you a better, stronger reputation as soon as possible.

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Stop the Presses…NOW!

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When bad press hits the Web, it can begin to tear into your reputation, your credibility and even your livelihood almost immediately. To stop the bleeding, it’s important to take action quickly.

Failure to resolve the problem fast could result in immeasurable damage for you, and your loved ones, well into the future.

Our negative news removal solutions mitigate the impact of bad news on your online reputation, as well as to put you at the helm of your online conversation. As leaders in removals and online reputation management, we’ve helped thousands take on the threat of bad news, and to successfully build online reputations that are resilient to future attack.

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